• Novin Plasma
    First plasma factory in Iran.
  • What we do
    Novin Plasma’s primary focus is on the production of medicines derived from human plasma
  • IVIG

    immunoglobulin therapy, also known as normal human immunoglobulin (NHIG), is the use of a mixture of antibodies ...

  • Human Albumin

    is the serum albumin found in human blood. It is the most abundant protein in human blood plasma ...

  • Factor VIII (FVIII)

    is an essential blood-clotting protein, also known as anti-hemophilic factor (AHF). In humans, factor VIII is encoded by the F8 gene

  • Factor IX

    (or Christmas factor) is one of the serine proteases of the coagulation system; it belongs to peptidase family S1

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